Safety Rules of Sex on the First Date

Societal rules often dictates people what to do and what not to do. As with the idea of sex, the church says “it’s only for married couples”. But usually, people believe life isn’t fun if you would not make the most out of it. The world is fast changing and so are the people. Today, men and women in the early stage of a relationship, even on the first date are already engaged in sex.

A social psychologist on Harvard, Justin Lehmiller stated that increasingly, people perceive sex as a vital factor of a successful and lasting relationship and having sex on the first meeting could help them establish their goal. This is in contrary to the study taken from the “Journal of Sex Research” saying that steady and stronger relationships are grounded with constant communication, shared interests and abstinence from sex on the earlier stage of the relationship.

Maybe reading this article makes your eyebrow raise and ask, “Sex on the first date?” Let’s forget what society thinks about it. This happens all the time. What we need to do is give tips to prevent unplanned pregnancy and the likes. Read the following safety rules you need to comply with for an enjoyable and memorable experience;


Boys, make sure you always use a condom

This is the safest way to involve in a sexual activity. Using a condom means protecting yourself and your partner from potential diseases such as STIs or sexually transmissible infections, as well as for avoiding pregnancy.


While for girls, don’t miss your daily contraceptive pill

This is another crucial protection against potential pregnancy. Women should make sure to take contraceptive on a regular basis, especially on the night they’re going to have sex.


Do not rush into higher risk sexual acts yet

Okay, we know how eager you are to trying different sexual activities, especially those hard core ones. But mind you, take your time with no or low-rise activities. This will allow you to build communication and trust with your partner.


Make basic boundaries and limits around safer sex beforehand

Before engaging in an intimate sex, talk about your boundaries and limits so as to make the night more meaningful. And of course, don’t forget her share of limitations and boundaries as well. Look for a partner who is comfortable enough to put safety discussions on the table or who don’t put the responsibilities for safer sex on you.


Do not get so high or drunk

By doing so, you’re just spoiling the night. It is okay to drink but in moderation. Share a glass of wine with him before experimenting in bed since drinking wine helps in increasing the sexual appetite within you.


Consult a doctor.

Prevention is better than regrets.  It pays off to consult a personal physician especially if your age is under 26. Dr. Streicher explains that it’s one good way to safeguard yourself against HPV. If possible, get a vaccination.

Sex on the first night is not a bad idea. What’s important is to apply safety rules and precautions before doing it so that regret is far from your list. Hope you found the above tips helpful!

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