Online Dating 101 – The Power of Profile

It’s natural for people to become curious about the things that happen around them, especially online. If the technology evolves, so as humans. Having an interaction online enables individuals to meet new people, make friends and even find their one true love. One way to do that is by using an online dating service or a matchmaking app.

20 percent of current committed relationships began online.(

The very first and crucial step of online dating registration is creating an effective profile. Not just a profile, but a powerful profile that makes sense. Why do you need a powerful profile? With millions of online dating users, it’s all up to you how you can make your online dating image stands out from the rest.

Let us give you some basis why a powerful profile is a must;


Most People Are Bound To Common Interests

A person who loves to travel definitely has no interest to date someone who always stay in a room. The same thought applied to common interests, people don’t want to date someone whom they can’t relate to. People tend to look at the person’s profile. They read the information provided there and use it as a subject when making a conversation.


How to do it?

It’s simple. When creating or editing  your profile, highlight things that you’re interested in. Besides, doing this will not only benefit the person who’s into you, but it also allows you to find someone whom you can share your interests and values with.


People’s Curiosity

Curiosity will never be absent in a person’s mind. People tend to want more, and learn more. When you have a powerful profile, it is curiosity that drives people up to discover more about you. They will never be contented in your paragraphs, but they will surely make the first move to contact you or ask you to meet in person.


How to do it?

Put interesting facts about yourself on your profile that will make other people think that you are different. Ask the opinion of a friend, forget the clichés, list your interests, choose photos that emphasize your assets, use positive phrases, be honest, keep your profile updated, be specific and last but not the least, watch your grammar and punctuations.


Your Profile Is Your Confidence

What your lips can’t speak, your profile can tell. So make sure it sounds confident and make a lot of sense. Knowing that people don’t see you as you really are, your profile is their best reference.


How to do it?

Have the best pictures of you wearing decent attires or something while you are doing the activities you love. Write something that people will want to read and list your traits and physical features. Let your virtual self esteem speaks for itself and eventually attracts the right person for you.

So do not underestimate the power of your profile when finding your Mr/Ms. Right. Just stay true but don’t leave your confidence and creativity behind.

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