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Moonset in the Unicorn Fields
Genevieve's Crystal Moon & Epona's Silver Moon

Have you ever dreamed of meeting a real unicorn? The Mountain Horses of Ghost Horse Hollow are just about the closest thing on Earth to these breathtaking, magical creatures. The Mountain Horse breeds originated in Estill County, Kentucky. Most of the stallions and mares that you will read about in The Fairy Lore of Ghost Horse Hollow are no longer living in the foothills of Appalachia. The Ghost Horses currently reside in central Montana, at Ghost Horse Prairie Ranch. Most of the Ghost Horses are registered with the Kentucky Mountain Saddle Horse Association, with the potential to be double registered with the Mountain Pleasure Horse Association. Mountain Pleasure Horses are on the Critically Endangered Species List.

Contact Breeding Manager Jack Williamson for more information. Our two foundation stallions are Ellevar's Ivory Steed (smokey-cream) and Achelon's Bay Moon (bay). Ghost Horse Haven in Moffat, Colorado, also hosts two other stallions including the last son of Moon, one of the Mountain Pleasure Horse foundation stallions. Stillwater's Big Moon is a two-year-old sorrel colt with four white socks and a blaze. Achelon's Jaspar Sun is a four-year-old dappled chocolate buckskin.

Ellevar's Ivory Steed
Ghost Horse Foundation Stallion
Mountain Horses have a Sweet Disposition!
Epona's Silver Moon
Mountain Horses are Versatile and Hardy!
Titrimia's Starshield & Gweneviere's Saphire Star
Mountain Horses are Intelligent and Willing!
Lillith's Evenstar

What makes a MOUNTAIN HORSE so special?
  • The Mountain Horse is characterized by a natural Four Beat Lateral Gait, inherent from birth, which smoothly glides the rider down the trail or around the arena 
  • The Mountain Horse has a sweet, willing, intelligent disposition
  • The Mountain Horse was bred for hardiness, endurance, and versatility
  • Early pioneers and American Civil War soldiers depended greatly on Mountain Horses
  • The ancestors of the modern Mountain Horses descended from the Narragansett Pacer, the Spanish Jennet, and the ambling Galloways of Colonial times
  • There is evidence that Mountain Horses helped to settle the Old West, and were often referred to as Single-footers due to their Four Beat Lateral Gait

Mountain Horses make Lifetime Companions
Gwydia's Stardust Serenade


TRIVIA FUN: A cremello is a sorrel horse that received two cream genetic markers, one from each parent. A perlino is a bay horse that received two cream genetic markers, one from each parent. A smokey-cream is a actually a black horse that received two cream genetic markers, one from each parent. Cremellos, perlinos, and smokey-creams are not albinos. True cremellos, perlinos, and smokey-creams have pale blue eyes and light pink skin. They see wonderfully and do not sunburn!

The real Ghost Horses are characters in the book!
Epona's Silver Moon was the first Ghost Horse to arrive in the Hollow
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You can Visit the KMSHA & MPHA online!

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