7 Exercises To Rev Up Your Sex Life

Bored in the bedroom? Here are 7 proven ways to improve your sex life and achieve higher pleasure through exercise. A good exercise helps increase testosterone levels, aside from making you feel more confident and sexier in bed such as;

1. Kegel

You can try kegel to build up your pelvic floor or strength training to produce testosterone. It can enhance control and endurance through strengthening and toning your puboccoccygeus muscles, a group of muscles which cease your urine flow as well as perineal muscles, a group of muscles for ejaculation and erectile rigidity.


2.  Stability-ball crunches

It needs stability and balance for you to perform this standard abdominal crunch. Designed to target the core, this exercise optimizes your thrusting ability.  Not only that, it strengthens your back.


3. Push-ups

Through this exercise, your core and upper body will gain all-around endurance, allowing you to enjoy sex while atop. Doing this on a regular basis will improve your strong thrust capability as well.


4. Lying Leg Raises

Are you looking for an intense core workout? Why not add lying leg raises in your list? It can help you develop your thrust better and give mild engagement in the glutes and quads.


5. Stationary Lunges

In general, stationary lunges are best recommended for balance, mobility and building strength. However, lunges can also boost your blood flow into your pelvic regions, helping you perform in bed better than your imagine. If you are seeking a way to get extra dose of hip flexor mobility and balance, then this exercise is the perfect option for you.


6. Squats

Did you know that squats can take your testosterone level to a newer height? More than that, it can also make your next orgasm incredibly amazing as it greatly helps in increasing the blood flow down to your pelvic region. Additionally, it makes your lower body stronger.


7. Internal training

Add this exercise into your routine so you can increase your endurance and stamina while between the sheets. What’s great about this is that, you can do this anywhere.


Don’t forget to eat healthy

Eating food that is rich in antioxidant, colorful vegetables and fruit is good for your health. This eventually results in an increased libido and improved sex life. You can try the Mediterranean Diet as it is based on nutritious veggies and fruits with omega 3 fatty acids. These are great for your sexual health.

Morning sex can also help. According to experts, morning is the great time of the day to explore sexual activities, so say yes to morning sex! Both of you are well rested from a night sleep, giving you more endurance for a pleasurable moment.

One good tip: Be creative in bed and allure your sweetheart by turning your bedroom into a massage parlor. Create an intense, soothing atmosphere with candles or by throwing scarves over the lamps.

Say no to a troubled or almost-dead sex life by doing the above methods. Absolutely an effective way to rev up your sex life!



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