Incredible Porn Secrets From Former Adult Stars

Millions of Americans and others individuals around the world watch porn each day. They spend hours at a time viewing adult videos, free sex GIFS images and porn pics. For them, the porn they see fulfills whatever type of fantasy or fetish they have. However, most never really bother to think what goes on beyond the camera. There are countless of stories – good and bad – about what happens behind the scene in the porn industry. Just like any other sector, the adult world is full of dirty secrets. These incredible porn secrets from former adult stars will help shed light on many of them. They will also provide a glimpse into what it is really like for a porn star.

One of the things many anti-porn advocates often gripe about porn is the sexual violence. In many adult films, there are instances where visual rapes seem to be depicted and glorified. The same proponents also have problems with how some women are portrayed, degraded and used. Others say that it is all part of their job and they knew exactly what they were getting into. The women who take part in the scenes are getting paid to do it. Some even argue that they enjoy it. No matter what side of the argument you stand on, the secrets are numerous.


Dislike Among Actors Is Frequent

Nothing is more personal than having sex with someone else. It gets no more intimate than to stick your penis in a person’s vagina. Or to have something inserted into any part of a person’s body. Yet for many porn stars, it doesn’t change how they feel about each other. Some actors don’t get along with others at all. In fact, there are many actors who have a list of other porn stars they refuse to work with. Imagine turning down the opportunity to have sex with another person?


STDs Are Common

Most would think that the porn industry would do everything it can to protect its members. However, condoms are not something porn pics and sex GIF image viewers want to see on those performing. That explains why you seldom see porn material where people have condoms. Although some porn companies test their actors for STDs, many others do not. As a result, sexually transmitted diseases are commonplace. According to an estimate, 67% to 99% of the porn stars have herpes, among other diseases. Herpes, is not an STD most adult filming companies tests people for.


Hardcore Porn Often Turns Violent

Sexually graphic scenes of a man thrusting his erect penis into a woman’s mouth to the point of where she gags is common in porn films. They even have a category for it called gagging porn videos or gag sex pics. The same goes for anal scenes where guys and girls ram all types of objects up a girl’s rectum. Besides these acts, there are several others which sometimes cause harm to the actors. But, viewers never get to see the aftermath of this since they are cut out.


Orgasms Are Faked Routinely

It is hard to watch a porn movie without hearing a woman moaning with ecstasy. The screams are part of what turns the viewer on. However, according to many actors on the set, the orgasms you hear and see, are often faked. Even the scenes where you see ejaculation are edited and make believe. Yet not being able to get an orgasm from a person they’ve only met 20 minutes earlier, is understandable. This is often the case with those on the set.


Careers In Porn Are Difficult To Have


Although there are many successful and popular porn stars, not all of them make it. This is especially true for women who are replaced quickly for a new face and hotter body. After all, most guys and girls masturbating to porn want to see new material to use.


Porn Sets Are Typically Lousy


Big porn production companies spend a lot of money into their productions. They do all they can to make their sets look lavish and great. But, most of the porn sets are crappy and small. The place where the sex acts are filmed are usually a small room with lots of lighting. Unlike major films where elaborate sets are required, all you really need is a bed or a place for a couple to fuck in porn movies.


The Porn Industry Hates Tube Sites

People who spend a great deal of time looking at porn videos, love doing so on tube sites. They can see all types of MILF videos, amateur, lesbian and hentai porn material for free. But, the tubes are hurting the porn industry. Since most of the work is stolen, porn companies will not make any money from them. Neither will the actors who are on the adult videos. Overall, the adult world loses millions in revenue because of tube sites. If they don’t make any money on their investments, it could end up killing the porn industry.